Upgrade Zsite

2016-08-22 09:25:23    tengfei    6538

Zsite release is very often and every version will have bugs fixed and features improved. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your Zsite to the latest version. It is also very easy to upgrade Zsite,

1. Download the latest source code installation package

1.1 Download .zip source code package from our website. Do NOT download the one-click installation package.

1.2 Unzip the package and copy it to the directory where you installed Zsite before and replace it.

For example, if you installed Zsite under c:\xampp\chanzhi, replace it with the latest version of the same directory c:\xampp\chanzhi. Do NOT copy it to c:\xampp\chanzhi\chanzhi. If you installed Zsite in virtual space, please refer to 1.2 and replace the files there.

2. Execute upgrade

2.1 Access to Zsite upgrade program

For example, if your Zsite address is, your upgrade path will be

2.2 Create OK file to ensure your permission to update

Before the upgrade, Zsite will create a file named OK under chanzhi/www/ to make sure that you have the permission to upgradeZsite.

Note: For Zsite 2.5.1+, no OK file is reuired.

2.3 Backup your database

2.4 Confirm your current Zsite version and click "Update".