How does the PHP source block invoke the article?
2017-09-26 09:11:38
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How does the PHP source block invoke the article?
2017-09-26 09:49:06
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PHP source block runs on the view layer in Zsite and you can invoke methods in other modules.
2019-02-04 15:05:39
Max Petis
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I think you gave them credit way too much. Most people who write PHP the way you are asking,  can't ever give you an example of what bothers them. I had a colleague once that talked the same kind of trash. I wrote PHP in a large application for 8 years. PHP's ecosystem is improving but at the end of the day it was born and raised as a web buy assignment specific language, not a general purpose language, and now the general purpose languages are shipping great web tiers PHP is falling behind. 
2019-02-16 13:42:38
Brayden Marco
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