Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Co., LTD China

About Us

Nature Easy Soft Network Technology Co., LTD China was founded in 2010, which is a young Internet company. We take developing professional open source management tools for to our users all over the world and stick to open source and free software. ZenTao, ZDOO, ZSITE have been developed to help thousands of companies improve their management process.     
Nature Easy Soft located in beautiful coastal city is composed of a simple and small team. Based on their mutual trust, This team forms special cooperative way and ensure team efficiency.

We pursue effective positive values for society, so we give up a lot of business interests to sure that we close easily to the essential of problems rather than do bad things just for commercial profit. Because of this, we are supported by more and more users.

Long as the way is I will keep on searching above and below. We think some things are invariable even though many things in the world change dramatically. Would you like to join us?