113   2019-01-28

Zsite 7.6 is released!

Zsite 7.6 is released! The mobile client has been upgraded. Change Log Optimize the homepage on the mobile client. Op...
Zsite Pro 1.9 is released! Online customer service is added.  About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 1.9 is based on ZSITE 7.5...
159   2019-01-06

Zsite 7.5.stable is released!

Zsite 7.5 is released! Change Log Integrate WeChat H5 payment feature. Fix the bug that uploaded video can't play in ...
283   2018-10-15

Zsite 7.4.1 is released!

Zsite 7.4.1 is released! Change Log Reset the entry to visual editor. Fix the blog error related to templates. Dow...
204   2018-10-10

Zsite 7.4 is released!

Zsite 7.4 is released! Change Log Optimize the style of the navigation on the left of the backend page. Change the ...
277   2018-09-20

Zsite Pro 1.8 is released!

Zsite Pro 1.8 is released! About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 1.8 is based on ZSITE 7.3 open source. This release is to be comp...