Zsite open source 7.0 is released! UEditor is available now!

2018-03-17 16:42:00

Zsite open source 7.0 is released! The built-in editor has been changed to UEditor. Details have been optimized and bugs are solved.


Change Log

  1. Changed the editor to UEditor.
  2. Mobile App. Fold/Unfold the block of Article Category.
  3. Optimized zip file on webserver.
  4. Added time and blog to sticky topics.
  5. Prolonged error prompt.
  6. No verification of my.php write privilege, if config is not written.
  7. Fixed "No result is found" in full-text retrieval.
  8. Changed the agent of API of the official website.
  9. Used the time of replies to order of newest topics in forum.
  10. Optimized verification of user emails.
  11. Fixed the warning of HtmlPurifier.
  12. Added the jump to related page after signup or login.
  13. Added On/Off to default display of Product Lists.
  14. Optimized file-uploadFile and added url to the returned data.
  15. Optimized the alignment of titles and images of Products.
  16. Fixed breaking spaces in the source code when checking zsite source code.
  17. Error prompt in https site when switching on OpenAuth.
  18. Fixed the misplacement of drop-down in navigation bar.
  19. Added the jump to the article category of the article that is being creating.
  20. Added the authentication when installing plug-ins.
  21. Fixed errors in JS navigation.
  22. Fixed the editors in creating a topic and editing a topic.
  23. Fixed errors when importing JS.
  24. Fixed the pop-out that cannot be closed in Mobile app when buying a product.
  25. Fixed the height of a block when unfolding the article category.
  26. Fixed abnormal online update from 6.6.1 o 6.7.
  27. Fixed the problem Zsite plug-in cannot copy files.
  28. Fixed the bug that characters cannot be changed to in searching.
  29. Optimized the lock table of visit statistics.
  30. Adjusted the style of switch button of forums and boards.



Installation http://www.zsite.net/book/zsitemanual/9.html

Upgrade http://www.zsite.net/book/zsitemanual/11.html


Front http://demo.chanzhi.org

Backend http://demo.chanzhi.org/backend.php

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