How to install for source code?
2017-08-09 09:09:11
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1. System requirements

  • PHP 5.0+ with pdo, pdo_mysql,json, pcre;
  • MySQL 4.0+;
  • Apache or Nginx.

2. Upload source code

Download .zip source code installation package from our website and unzip it, you will have two directories which are named www and system. Upload source code to your web server,

  • If you manage your server, you can upload the whole directory of Zsite to your server and configure Apache/Nginx, and configure your web root directory to zsite/www.
  • If your web server is shared space you bought, you need to use FTP to upload what is in Zsite/www/ to www/html/web. Then upload the directory of system to www/html/web. The final directory will be as in the screenshot below,

3. Start the installation

3.1 Start the installation

      Visit your domain at http://domain/install.php. If you set up Zsite under secondary directory, you need add secondary path to your domain.

3.2 Check PHP modules and directory privileges

Note: If there is any problem with modules or directories, please follow the notice given by the system.

3.3 Configure your database

Note: If you have installed Zsite before, please check "clear database" and then install Zsite again.

3.4 Save your configuration document

Note: Zsite will save configuration documents for you. However, please manually save your configuration documents to config/my.php. Follow the notice given, if any error cause by privileges.

3.5 Configure admin account

3.6 Login Zsite backend

Note: It might happen that you are directed to "Successfully installed" before you set up admin account, if your php session.save_path is relatively created. Please follow the instructions below to fix it.

Open  php.ini, find  session.save_path and change the path to absolute path, such as  “\tools\xampp\tmp”. The full path will be “D:/tools/xampp/tmp”. Restart your Apache and it will work.