How to choose Encryption
2017-08-10 09:32:10
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Zsite encrypted templates (which is purchased from Zsite official website) will need to be decrypted before you use it. There are two ways to encrypt,

1. zend guard loader

It fits the situation your space and virtual host that have zend guard loader, or your runtime can install it.(PHP TS cannot install it.) Please refer to  4.3 Install zend guard loader

2. ioncube

It fits the situation Zsite, ZDOO, or ZenTao one-click installation packages that have ioncube, or your runtime cannot install zend guard. Please refer to  4.4 Install ioncube

Check Encryption

  1. Create a new php file and write <?php phpinfo()?>.
  2. Save it to the root directory of your website and access this file via browser.
  3. On Configuration page, it will show all the extensions installed.