How to add a book?
2017-08-16 09:47:00
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In Zsite, you can write a book for your product/service as a manual. It is convenient for users to know the product/service, and users can refer to it to solve problems.

1. Login Zsite as Admin, and go to "CMS"->"Book", click "Add book".

3. You will see "Add a book" page as shown below.


You must have an alias for your book, which will be a combination of letters/numbers. For example, the alias of our Zsite manual is Zsite help.

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Kirsten Pike
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informenter-marker-1.pngI was considering how digital books functioned. So in the event that I buy a digital book, will I have the option to look a certain word...like will it have the option to discover the pages of the words or expressions that I type in? I am taking a history course at this moment, and the educator anticipates that us should peruse just about 300 pages in an exceptionally brief time and after that test us with EXTREMELY nitty gritty inquiries. He solicits us everything about the text...so fundamentally he anticipates that us should recollect each and every detail. I've been concentrating for quite a long time on the material, however regardless I have a feeling that I will fizzle. It is Dependable essay writing UK  an online course, so I'm permitted to utilize the textbook...so do you think buying a digital book will support me?informenter-marker-1.pnginformenter-marker-1.png
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