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Check  User at  Set-> Site-> Basic settings to switch on user related features, such as  Comment and  Forum.

Go to  User and you will see the user list.

1. You can check members in this list, or search members by their IDs.

2. Choose a member to edit. You can set one admin and reset password if one forgot the password.

3. You can disable certain member account.

4. Click  Add a User and you will see a page as shown below to verify.

Follow the instructions to verify your action and then enter


All comments/messages can be viewed only if they have been reviewed and published by the admin. Admin can go to "User"->"Message" to review, reply, or delete messages.

If Board module is switched on, you can also see topics and the replies here, and you can also edit, delete, and hide those here.

If Submission module is on, contributions can be checked and reviewed here.

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If you use your Joomla site for a  purpose  that involves your users interacting with each other, such as newsfeeds or a forum https://uk.eliteassignmenthelp.com/cheap-assignments you should simply visit the main administration panel of your site, and click on the relevant component.
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