About Traffic Statistics
2017-09-04 09:05:06
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Zsite 4.5+ has traffic statistics function. You can view your reports such as statistics about search engines, keywords, domains, customer, page views, etc. You can know the situation of your website operation and maintenance without adding third party statistic code yourself.

Go to "Settings"->"Site"->"Site settings", check "Statistics".

Go to "SEO"->"Stats", then you will see traffic statistics.

You can also set how long you want the statistics to be saved.

2023-06-28 01:53:40
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2024-04-05 00:53:55
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In this update, I wanted to highlight the new traffic statistics feature in Zsite 4.5+. This lets you see reports on everything from search engine referrals to keyword performance, right within the platform. No more messing with third-party code – you can get a clear picture of your website's health directly in Zsite. This is a great addition for anyone who wants to understand how their online assignment writing service reviews website is performing.