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2018-07-21 17:48:05
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How do you add new currency symbol to list of currencies in the database/CPanel?

e.g how do I add South African currency symbol [ Rands ] to the listed currency under product setting

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2018-07-23 14:47:01
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Go to system/module/product/lang/en.php and add your currency and symbol there.
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Currency is perhaps the most confusing part of setting up an online store. Which is why we've set out to make things easier for you by creating a list of currency add or changes to keep in mind when choosing your currency.
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2022-11-19 13:56:17
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Currency Add, Changes: The newest version of the currency add feature helps you to quickly add currencies to your store. You can easily insert the value from different currency into your WooCommerce order form and know in advance what could happen if certain order values are changed/increased or decreased/reduced.