Zentao has "Link Bug" Function?
2016-05-25 23:41:38

Hello, in my team, each project is made up of Bugs and Stories. I realize strictly this isn't correct. Strictly, each solved Bug should create a separate Story which is then added to the Project. However, we are less mature and our production codebase is less controlled, so we do it another way.

It seems Zentao already supports connection between Bug and Project two ways:

1) When creating a Bug, it's possible to choose Project.

2) When editing a Bug, it's possible to change Project.

But it would be much faster with better usability if I can use the same function as "Link Story" for Bug...

2016-05-26 10:07:57

Hello, surely you can link story when create or edit a bug.

Also you can import bugs into project as tasks thus the team can esitmate the hours of the bugs.

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