How to do marketing in the age of mobile internet?
2017-08-08 09:23:59
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In the age of mobile internet, how to do marketing? Among so many social media, such as Wechat (a chat app), Weibo (a micro blog platform), Weidian (a micro online shop), which one we should choose to do marketing? Two of our products, Zsite and ZDOO(a collaborative system), are our answers to it.

We believe that even a small brand should be at your own disposal. Companies should pay more attention to their branding in the age of mobile internet, when media and users are all scattered. You can have your own websites at their hands, while other resources are at the third party's. Some companies spend a lot of efforts on building their service on third party website, but what is at your hands? An ID maybe? Once those third party platforms are gone, there is almost nothing left for you.

Therefore, we would like to help your integrate PC, social media, and mobile phone on Zsite. Zsite, as a content and marketing management system, can easily deliver contents to all kinds of marketing platforms, and meanwhile gather the users and feedback from all those platforms. You can also interact with your customers on Zsite, while they can purchase and consult about products/service with you. You can either use Zsite to do all this on your PC, or on your mobile phones and social media applications.

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