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2018-06-25 13:30:06
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In order to diversify the content of web sites, online video is added in Zsite Pro. Go to CMS->Video at the backend, and add videos. Then go to UI->Widge and create a widget. Choose Latest Video, Hot Video or Video Tree as the Type of Content. After that, you can set the Layout for each page at UI->Layout.

1. Switch on Video module

Video is not on by default, so the Admin has to switch it on by checking it in SET->Site->Basic Settings.

2. Manage Video module

2.1 Manage categories of Video

After the Video module is switched on, you have to add categories before you use it.


Go to Content->Video, and click Manage Category. You will see the page to add categories.


2.2 Anti-Leech Setup

Anti-leech is OFF by default, so you have to go to CMS->Video and click Set Anti-Leech to turn it on. Or you can go to SET->Security->Anti-Leech to set it ON.

3. Upload Videos

Click Create Video to add videos to your Zsite.


About Links to videos

  • .mp4 is recommended because it is compatible with a lot of browsers.
  • Videos have to be uploaded to your space, Enter the URLs to that link to your videos on that space.

About Access Control

  • Choose Public, then there is no limit to view the video.
  • Choose User, then only by login, can one view the video.
  • You can also set Points required to view the video.

4. Widget and Its Layout

4.1 Add customized widgets for videos

Go to UI->Widget, and click Add in Custom Widget. Choose the Type of Content as Latest Video, Hot Video, or Video Tree.


4.2 Set the layout for each video widget

Go to UI->UI->Layout, choose the widget you want to set the layout for. Take the layout of Middle of Homepage for example.

Select a video widget and set its width, title, border or so for it.


You will see it on the front end as shown below.


If any questions, contact us at or Or leave a message below, and we will respond to it ASAP.

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