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2018-06-25 13:30:06
Last edited by Zeze on 2018-06-26 16:49:28

In order to diversify the content of web sites, online video is added in Zsite Pro. Go to CMS->Video at the backend, and add videos. Then go to UI->Widge and create a widget. Choose Latest Video, Hot Video or Video Tree as the Type of Content. After that, you can set the Layout for each page at UI->Layout.

1. Switch on Video module

Video is not on by default, so the Admin has to switch it on by checking it in SET->Site->Basic Settings.

2. Manage Video module

2.1 Manage categories of Video

After the Video module is switched on, you have to add categories before you use it.


Go to Content->Video, and click Manage Category. You will see the page to add categories.


2.2 Anti-Leech Setup

Anti-leech is OFF by default, so you have to go to CMS->Video and click Set Anti-Leech to turn it on. Or you can go to SET->Security->Anti-Leech to set it ON.

3. Upload Videos

Click Create Video to add videos to your Zsite.


About Links to videos

  • .mp4 is recommended because it is compatible with a lot of browsers.
  • Videos have to be uploaded to your space, Enter the URLs to that link to your videos on that space.

About Access Control

  • Choose Public, then there is no limit to view the video.
  • Choose User, then only by login, can one view the video.
  • You can also set Points required to view the video.

4. Widget and Its Layout

4.1 Add customized widgets for videos

Go to UI->Widget, and click Add in Custom Widget. Choose the Type of Content as Latest Video, Hot Video, or Video Tree.


4.2 Set the layout for each video widget

Go to UI->UI->Layout, choose the widget you want to set the layout for. Take the layout of Middle of Homepage for example.

Select a video widget and set its width, title, border or so for it.


You will see it on the front end as shown below.


If any questions, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Or leave a message below, and we will respond to it ASAP.