Questionnaire, Vote and Quiz

2018-06-25 13:34:20
Last edited by Zeze on 2018-06-28 10:31:18

Zsite Pro 1.6+ has forms, including questionnaire, vote, etc. Ziste users can use forms to collect and analyze data.

1. Switch on Form module in Zsite

Form is OFF by default in Zsite. Go to SET->Site->Basic Settings to check Form, then you can find it in the main menu.


In Form, you can find Questionnaire, Vote, and Form in the secondary menu.

2. How to use questionnaire

2.1 Create Questionnaire

Go to Form->Questionnaire´╝î click Create Questionnaire and you will see the page below.


  • End Condition: Fill in either one of the two conditions, Number of Respondents or End Time. When one of the conditions is met, the questionnaire will end.
  • Requirement: Three choices for now. Login user, once per IP, once per computer/cellphone. It is to protect your questionnaire from abusing and the validity of your questionnaire.
  • Full Screen: OFF by default. If it is ON, the questionnaire will be full screen on your website.


2.2 Design a questionnaire

After a questionnaire is created, you can start to design it.


2.2.1 Edit a questionnaire

Click Edit button at the right of the questionnaire list, and you will see the page below.


2.2.2 Add questions

Click Design to add questions to your questionnaire. There are questions about the personal information in Zsite, so you can add it by simply clicking it.


2.2.3 Publish

After adding questions, you are ready to publish your questionnaire.  Click Publish and you can view your questionnaire on the frontend. Once it is published, it cannot be changed. If you want to edit questions in it, you have to change the status of the questionnaire to Draft.

Go to UI->Nav to add the entry to the questionnaire.


In UI->Widge->Content, there is a Form List widget. You can set the layout by clicking UI->Interface->Layout.


2.2.4 Statistics of the Questionnaire

After the questionnaire is ended, you can click Details in questionnaire list to see the data collected by either By User or By Questions.


3. Vote and Form

It is similar to create a vote/form.


4. Quiz

In Zsite Pro 1.6.2, Quiz has been added.

4.1 Create Quiz

Click Create Quiz and you will see the page below.


  • You can set the timer. When it is du, the quiz will be ended automatically.
  • The user has to log in to take the quiz.

4.2 Design a quiz

It is similar to design forms. The difference is that you have to set answers and score rules. See the screenshots below for reference.

4.3 Quiz on the frontend

Time on the frontend is set 30 seconds short. For example, set 5 minutes at the backend as the time to finish the quiz. When a user takes the quiz, the timer is counting down from 4:30. 30 seconds is saved for submitting the quiz.


4.4 Statistics of the quiz

Quiz data can be analyzed By User or By Questions.


If you have questions, leave a message below and we will reply ASAP.