Zsite 8.0 is finally here! New interface and new UX!

2020-01-18 18:37:00
Renee Teng

Zsite 8.0 is released! New UI and new UX!

All pages of Zsite have been optimized, with feature modules being reorganized. The visual style and interactive experience have been greatly improved, compared to the old version. Zsite 8.0 also added new features, including Report Overview which can intuitively display the traffic trend for today, last week, and the last 30 days, as well as order overview, inventory alert, etc.

On July 8, 2013, Zsite 1.0.beta was released. For the past six years, Zsite features have been continuously improved with over 25,000 commits, 1993 feature stories, and 73 releases, providing professional website marketing services for many domestic and foreign organizations or individuals. In order to provide users with better services and experiences, we have begun to prepare for the UX optimization since 2018. The new UX now is finally here for you.

Change Log


1. Add Report  O v e rview  to  intuitively display  the traff i c   t r end  f o r   today,  last week, and the last 30 days.
2. Add Order Overview to E-Shop module and filter orders created in the last 30 days.
3. Add an alert to the inventory of E-Shop, so the user can be reminded of the shortage in an inventory.


1. Backend pages are optimized and Zsite tutorial is added.
2. New navigations and menus. 
3. Article list page optimization. Implement intuitive filter and search features and small icons.
4. Edit page and Post page of Article. Remove categories on the left column and change the order of fields.
5. Book list page optimization. Tree and small icons are added.
6. Book post page optimization.
7. List page optimization.
8. Blog page optimization.
9. File page optimization.
10. Video page optimization.
11. Questionnaire, Vote, Test, and Form pages optimization.
12. Report page optimization. Pie, line and more types of charts to display user data.
13. Promote page optimization.
14. Order list page optimization.
15. Product list page optimization. Add images and filters to Product modules.
16. Create Product page is optimized. 
17. Work order page optimization.
18. User list page optimization.
19. Feedback page optimization.
20. Forum page optimization.
21. Settings page optimization.
22. Theme and theme shop pages optimization.
23. Design page optimization.


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