Zsite 8.2 is released!

2020-04-11 20:28:00
Renee Teng

Zsite 8.2 is released!

In order to make it easier to find the content you need when using the Book feature, the Book feature has been optimized, including keyword search, directory expansion / collapse, shortcut keys to switch up and down, click to enlarge pictures, etc. At the same time, the security of system files has been optimized and bugs are fixed.

Change Log


1. Added content search when the book is full screen.
2. Added book catalog expansion / collapse and optimized display logic.
3. Added shortcut key (keyboard ← → key) to switch the previous / next article when browsing the book.
4. Added the feature to click the picture of the article details to view the big picture.
5. Optimize the book full screen style.
6. Optimize book list page.
7. Optimize the problem of rendering jitter in browsers.
8. Optimize the installation theme popup prompt.
9. "Phone" of the user registration page is changed to "Mobile".
10. Add verification of uploaded files.


1.Fixed the reading any file in Zsite.
2. Fix the bug that the front desk does not take effect after setting different prices according to user authentication type.
3.Fixed the bug in the basic version that authorized user clicks the recharge button but error 404.
4.Fixed the bug of duplicate display of attachment name suffix.
5.Fixed the bug that the thumbnail cannot be regenerated after the watermark version 8.0.1 is turned on.
6.Fixed the bug of not displaying after adding video block.
7.Fixed the bug that the replies under the theme did not transfer after the theme transfer between forums.


One-Click Installation Package for Windows

  • Windows 64bit one-click installation

     Official Website

  • Windows 32bit one-click installation

     Official Website   

PHP Package


Before downloading and installing Zsite 8.2, make sure that your server (virtual space) has installed the Ioncube( Install Ioncube Instruction), a decryption extension. If your server does not support the decryption extensions, it is not recommended that you upgrade it. 


  Installation Manual

  Update Manual


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