Zsite 8.4 is released!

2020-07-13 11:07:33
Zsite Official
ZSITE 8.4 is released! This release is to implement the functions that make background articles transformed to WeChat public account format, public account article style customization, and pushing articles to the public account background.

Change Log

1. Added an entry to the WeChat public account article in  the article list.
2. Add two sets of WeChat public account article templates.
3. Added the feature of auto converting backend articles to public account articles according to template style.
4. Added the function of previewing public account articles in the background.
5. Added the function of pushing articles to different WeChat public accounts in draft in the backend.
6. When the article is added to the public account format, it automatically grabs the article title, author, abstract, original text links and supports editing functions.
7. Added the feature to customize WeChat public account articles in the background
    1) Customization of top guide attention and bottom guide copy
    2) Customization of copy and hyperlink of previous articles
    3) Customization of QR code and text at the bottom
    4) Customization of Hx tags corresponding to the title style in the text
    5) Customization of the basic format of the text (margins, line spacing, font size and font color)
8. Added the function of uploading the cover of the public account article in the backend.
9. Added the function of saving and resetting the current public account article template.

One-Click Installation Package for Windows

  • Windows 64-bit one-click installation

     Official Website

  • Windows 32-bit one-click installation

     Official Website   

PHP Package


Before downloading and installing Zsite 8.4, make sure that your server (virtual space) has installed the Ioncube( Install Ioncube Instruction), a decryption extension. If your server does not support the decryption extensions, it is not recommended that you upgrade it. 


  Installation Manual

  Update Manual


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