1 Install and upgrade
1.1  System Requirements
1.2  Source Code Installation
1.3  One-Click Installation for Windows
1.4  Zsite, ZenTao and Zdoo
1.5  Install Zsite with online scripts
1.6  Upgrade Zsite
1.7  Upgrade Zsite with online scripts
1.8  Zsite Themes
1.9  Decryption
2 About Zsite
2.1  About Zsite
2.2  Marketing in the era of mobile internet
2.3  Zsite License
2.4  Zsite and ZenTao
3 How to use Zsite
3.1 Content
3.1.1 Article  Article Category  Publish an Article  Edit, Delete and Attach
3.1.2 Page  Zsite Page
3.1.3 Blog  Zsite blog
3.1.4 Book  Add a book  Add chapters to a book  Write articles for a chapter  Book settings
3.1.5 Submission  Submit an article
3.2 Mall
3.2.1  Orders and Settings
3.2.2 Product  Product category  Add a product: basic info  Add a product: attributions  Add a product: images
3.3 User
3.3.1 User Management  User list
3.3.2 Comment  Review and reply a comment
3.3.3 Forum  Board settings  Board moderator and descriptions  Edit, delete, reply and stick a thread
3.4 SEO
3.4.1  Traffic Statistics
3.4.2  Keywords
3.4.3  Links
3.5 UI
3.5.1 Interface  Theme  Layout  Appearance  Code  Source  Mobile site
3.5.2 Logo  Site logo  Site favicon
3.5.3  Slides
3.5.4  Navigation
3.5.5 Widget  Manage a widget  Example: customized widget  Example: use Widget to set the style
3.5.6  Visual Editor
3.5.7  Other Settings
3.5.8  Custom Themes
3.6 Ext
3.6.1  Extensions and Themes
3.6.2  Import JS
3.7 Set
3.7.1 Site  Basic settings  Language  Path  Domain settings  CND settings  Cache settings  Homepage menu  Full text retrieval  Backup/Restore  Agreement  Static Settings
3.7.2 Company  Company Information  Contact
3.7.3  Points
3.7.4 API  Email Setting OAuth  GitHub  Facebook
3.7.5 Security  Basic settings  Filters and Blacklist/Whitelist  Sensitive words and attachment  Verification Code  Admin and Privileges
4 System Maintenance
4.1  Configure web server for URL
4.2  Backup Zsite
4.3  Install Zend Guard Loader
4.4  Install Ioncube
4.5 Install other PHP extensions
4.5.1  Install PHP-openssl
4.5.2  Install PHP-curl
4.5.3  Install PHP-json
4.5.4  Install PHP-mbstring
4.5.5  Install PHP-gd
4.5.6  Install PDO
5 Customization
5.1  Before you start
5.2  Zsite source code
5.3  Zsite directory structure
5.4  Find the code to modify
5.5  Database structure
6 Zsite Cloud
6.1  Zsite License
6.2  Zsite versions
6.3  Resolve domain name to Zsite server
6.4  Why my site is locked?
6.5  How to backup my Zsite data?

Zsite License

2016-08-30 09:26:39
Last edited by Zeze on 2018-08-10 11:21:25

Zsite is an online site building service provided by Qingdao Xirang Network Information Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Xirang). By registering an account on Zsite website, you accept and agree to our terms and conditions.

The main terms of the agreement incorporated into the terms and conditions are as follows.

1.Confirmation and acceptance of terms and conditions

1.1 You have to be an organization or an individual who is able to undertake legal responsibilities. If you are neither of them, you cannot use Zsite service.

1.2 You need to read and acknowledge Zsite CMS License before you use Zsite.

1.3 By using Zsite service, you have read and acknowledged this Zsite License.

1.4 If any modification to this license, signatories will be notified.

1.5 If you continued using Zsite service after any modification made to this license, it means you have read and acknowledged the new license.

2.Service definition

2.1 Service mentioned in this license is only valid on Zsite which means    http://www.zsite.com and all its pages.

2.2 Zsite can change its service if any actual situation changed.

3. Account

3.1 Before using Zsite, you have to register an account and submit your real information. If any cost caused by the false or incomplete information you provided to Zsite, Qingdao Xirang takes no responsibility for that.

3.2 You have to take care of your account and its password properly. If you lost it or shared with others and thus it caused any lost, Qingdao Xirang will not take any responsibility.    

3.3 You have to comply with relevant laws and regulations when using Zsite. Qingdao Xirang takes no responsibility for any legal disputes caused by any organization or individual using Zsite.

3.4 Zsite can suspend its service to any malicious account without notifying it.

4. Fees

4.1  You have to apply a domain name for yourself before using Zsite.

4.2 Zsite is currently offering free service., which means each Zsite account can build up to three sites free of charge. Each site will have 100M storage space, including attachments, images and database, and 10GB per month traffic. Zsite can limit the access to the site if its space or traffic is more than what has been offered by Zsite.  

4.3 Zsite will offer a premium version which has more features, and the scale of fees will be published on Zsite official website. Zsite reserves all right to modify payment methods and service price. If any changes to the service fees, all accounts will receive an email notification 30 days ahead of it.    

5. Termination of service

Zsite can suspend, terminate, cancel or reject service to any account at any time if any of the followings happened.

a) The account violates any terms or conditions of this license, or any provisions within the scope agreed. b) Termination of service according to the relevant instructions of this license. c) Publish duplicated spam information by abusing the “Publish” function of Zsite. d) Send a large amount of information to other Zsite accounts without asking permissions or authorizations from Zsite. e) Use other organization’s account/name to publish business information and to practice business. f) Attack the data, network, and service of Zsite. g) Steal others’ Zsite account ID and password.

The following information is strictly prohibited on Zsite and will cause the termination of the Zsite service. Zsite will not refund any service in such situation.

a)Any derogatory remarks about religion, race or gender.b) Harass, abuse or threat of other Zsite accounts. c) Any infringement of the copyright, patent, trademark, classified information of any third party, or any other information related to proprietary rights, publication rights or privacy rights. d) Any other information that violates the laws and regulations of the Internet.

6.Rights and obligations of Zsite accounts      

6.1 Zsite account can start to use Zsite service as soon as service is activated.

6.2 Zsite account must comply with relevant local laws and regulations and that of China, when using Zsite service.  

Do not use your site for any illegal activities; comply with all the rules, procedures and conventions related to the use of your site.

6.3 Zsite account should take the responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, validity, and applicability of the data.

7.Rights and obligations of Zsite

7.1 Zsite should do its best to ensure normal access to the service and backup of the data.

7.2 Zsite should provide consulting and technical support to paid service accounts.

7.3 Service interruptions, blocked links or other defects caused by vis major, including but not limited to natural disasters, social issues, and any factors affecting the normal operation of the networks, such as system crash, data loss, hacker attacks, the impact of the telecommunications carriers’ technical adjustments and temporary closure due to government regulations, Zsite should not take any of these responsibility, but will try to reduce the loss and impact caused to Zsite accounts.  

7.4 Zsite should not take any legal responsibility for the loss caused by using the Zsite service. Zsite is not responsible for the legal liability due to any direct, indirect, occasional, or special punitive damages and any other damages caused by the use of the website service under any circumstances.

7.5 Qingdao Xirang is not responsible for any abnormal service interruption by using Zsite, nor does it bear any losses or collateral damage.

8.Privacy and confidentiality

8.1 Personal information you fill in when you sign up for Zsite should only be used by Qingdao Xirang to contact you. Qingdao Xirang should not use it for any commercial purposes.

8.2 Any data generated on Zsite by you belongs to you. Unless you take the initiative to ask us to help you troubleshoot problems, all Qingdao Xirang staff have no right to view, edit, copy, or delete your data.

9. Interpretation

Qingdao Xirang reserves all the rights to interpret all activities, restrictions and other related terms related to Zsite.