1 Install and upgrade
1.1 System Requirements
1.2 Source Code Installation
1.3 One-Click Installation for Windows
1.4 Zsite, ZenTao and Zdoo
1.5 Install Zsite with online scripts
1.6 Upgrade Zsite
1.7 Upgrade Zsite with online scripts
1.8 Zsite Themes
1.9 Chosose decrytion software
2 About Zsite
2.1 About Zsite
2.2 Marketing in the era of mobile internet
2.3 Zsite License
2.4 Zsite and ZenTao
3 How to use Zsite
3.1 Content
3.1.1 Article Article Category Publish an Article Edit, Delete and Attach
3.1.2 Page Zsite Page
3.1.3 Blog Zsite blog
3.1.4 Book Add a book Add chapters to a book Write articles for a chapter Book settings
3.1.5 Submission Submit an article
3.2 Mall
3.2.1 Orders and Settings
3.2.2 Product Product category Add a product: basic info Add a product: attributions Add a product: images
3.3 User
3.3.1 User Management User list
3.3.2 Comment Review and reply a comment
3.3.3 Forum Board settings Board moderator and descriptions Edit, delete, reply and stick a thread
3.4 SEO
3.4.1 Traffic Statistics
3.4.2 Keywords
3.4.3 Links
3.5 UI
3.5.1 Interface Theme Layout Appearance Code Source Mobile site
3.5.2 Logo Site logo Site favicon
3.5.3 Slides
3.5.4 Navigation
3.5.5 Widget Manage a widget Example: customized widget Example: use Widget to set the style
3.5.6 Visual Editor
3.5.7 Other Settings
3.5.8 Custom Themes
3.6 Ext
3.6.1 Extensions and Themes
3.6.2 Import JS
3.7 Set
3.7.1 Site Basic settings Language Path Domain settings CND settings Cache settings Homepage menu Full text retrieval Backup/Restore Agreement Static Settings
3.7.2 Company Company Information Contact
3.7.3 Points
3.7.4 API Email Setting OAuth GitHub Facebook
3.7.5 Security Basic settings Filters and Blacklist/Whitelist Sensitive words and attachment Verification Code Admin and Privileges
4 System Maintenance
4.1 Configure web server for URL
4.2 Backup Zsite
4.3 Install Zend Guard Loader
4.4 Install Ioncube
4.5 Install other PHP extensions
4.5.1 Install PHP-openssl
4.5.2 Install PHP-curl
4.5.3 Install PHP-json
4.5.4 Install PHP-mbstring
4.5.5 Install PHP-gd
4.5.6 Install PDO
5 Customization
5.1 Before you start
5.2 Zsite source code
5.3 Zsite directory structure
5.4 Find the code to modify
5.5 Database structure
6 Zsite Cloud
6.1 Zsite License
6.2 Zsite versions
6.3 Resolve domain name to Zsite server
6.4 Why my site is locked?
6.5 How to backup my Zsite data?

About Zsite

2016-08-19 10:24:23
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About Zsite

Zsite is an enterprise marketing system developed by Qingdao Nature Easy Soft for small/medium organizations. You can use it to build your official marketing portal to do publicization, business and customer service. Zsite has featured modules, such as article, product, forum, comment, member, blog, help. It is comprehensive and practical with a simple backend. It can also do SEO by keywords, summary, etc., so it can build a website that can be easily found by search engines.

What is the meaning of Zsite?

Chan(蝉) means Cicadas in Chinese which is an auspicious bug in Chinese culture and symbolizes eminence and richness. It fits the scenario that companies are all for profit. We named it Chanzhi/Zsite to express our sincere wish that it can help a lot of small/medium organizations to build their own official websites, and do publication and marketing.

Why is Zsite developed?

When our team develops other open source products, we need a website to promote our products and a system that can provide technical support to our users and users can download easily. We have tried to use other CMS to build such a system, but it needs a lot of customization. So we decided to develop such a system for ourselves. When we were doing this, we have found that most websites are built with obsolete technology, so their loading is slow, SEO is not applied, and backend design is obscure. Therefore, through four years' dealing with our clients and improving our product, we now have Zsite as an enterprise portal system to solve all the problems.

Why is Zsite open source?

Zsite is an open source software and welcome business development. It is our belief that open source is the right way to do software and that only being open source can bring more vitality to our product and our clients can use it at their will.

Why should you choose Zsite to build your enterprise portal/website?

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a tool to build your website, such as Wordpress, Drupal and such open source. Or hire an agent to build it for you, if you have enough budget. So what is so special about Zsite?

First, Zsite is specialized in enterprise portal system.

  • Zsite is for companies which need marketing websites, so we focus functions on online marketing features. Zsite has functions such as article, product, member, comment, help, blog, so to cater to online marketing.
  • Zsite focuses on SEO. It has functions as keyword management, summary and sitemap. As long as the system supports to rewrite URL, a path that is friendly to search engines can be generated, such as /news/123.html.
  • Zsite can do a statistic analysis. Even there is only a visitor to your website, you will see it from the statistic report.

Secondly, Zsite is an open source software.

  • Zsite is the only enterprise marketing system that is an open source in China.
  • Zsite License is not strict and it is business friendly. Its code is totally open.
  • Zsite does not limit business use, and will not set limits due to the launch of the professional version and fee-based services.

Last but not least, Zsite has advanced technology and focuses on user experience.

  • Zsite uses ZentaocPHP as its framework, of which the structure is designed.
  • It has a full extensible mechanism, so users can develop their own business system based on Zsite. You will find it is easy to reproduce.
  • Our team keep studying relevant design philosophy and will improve Zsite all the time.

Last but not the least, Zsite has technical support.

  • Zsite is developed by professional open source programmers. We do it as a professional, not just as a hobby.
  • Zsite team has over ten years experience in open source development and maintenance, as well as in reproduction and supports.
  • Zsite is open both in codes and team. We will have third-party developers and agents to join us, so to build an organic system for enterprise marketing.

Choose Zsite, choose the right marketing tool!
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